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  • solar controller
    PWM solar charge controller 20A 12V/24V Auto

    PWM Solar Charge Controller A charge controller, or charge regulator is basically a voltage or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery.

  • Solar Power Controller
    60A Sunnysky MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60A Mppt Solar Regulator

    12v24v48v Auto 60a,MAX solar input voltage:150V,MPPT solar controller is our factory independent research and development production, the highest photovoltaic input voltage 150V, you can recharge lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries, the controller has a curve, you can display the daily power generation curve, the user can power curve To correct the angle and orientation of the solar panels to increase the amount of electricity generated

  • Solar Power Systems For house
    2KW Solar Energy System Ty-083a

    Solar Panel:800w,MPPT Solar Charge Controller:48v30a,Solar Inverter:48v2kw,Battery:12v150ah*4pcs,This solar power system is a hybrid solar power system, and electricity can be complementary, when the battery or solar energy when the priority to use the battery or solar power, when the battery is dead when the automatic switch to the mains, this feature can be in the LCD display on their own settings.

  • Solar Power Your Home Cost
    5kw Residential Solar Power Generation Systems Ty-086b

    Solar Panel:5KW,Power Inverter:5KW,MPPT Solar Charge Controller:48V120A,The MPPT controller and power frequency inverter, MPPT controller can improve the power generation of 25%, tracking accuracy of more than 99%, automatically tracking once per second, the frequency inverter can be a perfect load of various household Electrical, intelligent display can display all the data running solar, you can also adjust the system to run the parameters

  • Solar Panel Inverter Battery Charge Controller
    2kw Solar Off grid Inverter For Home

    2KW Power Inverter with 48V50A MPPT Solar Charge Controller,Solar controller and inverter one machine is composed of solar inverter and MPPT solar controller, the inverter is pure sine wave inverter, the controller is MPPT solar controller, effectively enhance the 25% power generation.

  • Home Inverter Ups Price
    1kw hybrid inverter solar inverter manufacturer with Mppt Solar Charge Controller

    1KW Solar Inverter with 24V30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller,Solar controller and inverter one machine is composed of solar inverter and MPPT solar controller, the inverter is pure sine wave inverter, the controller is MPPT solar controller, effectively enhance the 25% power generation.

  • solar power inverte
    3KW Solar Inverter for home and Solar Power Inverter with mppt controller

     3KW solar power inverter have 3kw inverter and 48V30A mppt solar charge controller,can use fan,light,air conditioning Refrigerator, TV, washing machine, etc.It has four basic functions of UPS, charging, inverter and voltage regulation, as well as a humanized intelligent display.

The role of the curve of the MPPT solar controller


MPPT solar controller is a new generation of solar controller, with high conversion efficiency, stable and reliable quality and many other advantages, and now the MPPT controller also has a lot of manufacturers, many functional advantages, today we talk about MPPT solar controller power generation The function of the curve.

 Figure 1 shows the current curve, Figure 2 is the MPPT controller standby interface, these two pictures on Sunday my company test users to shoot from the picture which can be seen from the test to use, power generation There are already more than 1700 degrees, the current curve is a beautiful parabola, from this curve can be seen the following:

1, the installation of the angle and orientation is correct.

 2, battery performance and stability.

 3, sunshine is better.

 4, the system configuration is ideal.

 5, solar panels power enough.

 6, the controller capacity, conversion efficiency up to 8%

Why through a graph can see so much data, the reason is very simple, then we will elaborate one by one.

1, The installation of the angle and orientation is correct, in Guangdong, one day the best time is more than 12 o'clock in the sun, through the curve can be seen, the highest point of power generation is more than 12 o'clock, so you can Confirm that the orientation and angle are correct, and if the orientation and angle are incorrect, the highest point will be advanced or back, and the entire graph will be asymmetric.

2, the battery performance is good, through the curve can see the battery performance sounds a bit weird, but in fact if the battery problems, will soon be filled with a battery inside if there is a battery problem, the charging time will Greatly shortened, and the discharge time is the same will be greatly reduced, so there will not be such a curve now.

3, sunshine is better, this is easier to understand, good light have a good curve, if a cloudy day will be a good light, such a curve like ECG, up and down fluctuations.

4, the configuration is ideal, if the battery configuration is too small, the charging time will be shortened to noon or one or two pm will enter the floating state, so that the charging current significantly reduced, this will be reflected in the curve above.

5, the solar panel power enough, this we can see through the above two pictures, our MPPT solar controller can display real-time power generation and cumulative power generation, the curve can be the highest daily power point to capture to tell We, so that we compare the power to buy components, you can easily know whether our components are sufficient power.

6, MPPT controller capacity, conversion efficiency up to 98%, the lack of capacity of the controller can not keep a long time to maintain high current charging, the curve will be like ECG, the conversion efficiency can be divided by the highest power point of the actual efficiency of the component inferred.

Through the above analysis, I believe we have a preliminary understanding of the MPPT solar controller curve, after which the micro-signal will continue to update the MPPT controller and solar power products, other technical information to help you learn more about solar power Products, but also hope that more and more people understand solar energy, to understand new energy, with solar energy, the earth will become more clean, while Tianyuan solar energy will, as always, adhering to the spirit of origin, to create more cost-effective products, but also for Made in China name, you can, I can, heaven source solar energy!






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