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Food market inside the knowledge 2017-09-08 15:55:58

This morning and met the two old people (Zhang Shu and Zhang aunt), perhaps living in a plot of a building's sake, perhaps because every day work will encounter their sake, we are impressed by their special Deep, the two old man about 50 years old, they are husband and wife, very happy old man, they get up every morning by bus to Guangzhou Yuexiu Park walk, chat with their peers, to noon when the food back Cooking, it is difficult to imagine, in their body there is an unyielding strength, there is a Chinese people's backbone, Zhang Shuping was honest, I and he lived in a district, usually meet often greeted, the relationship is better, Top rooftop will talk to him for a while (Zhang Shu planted some plants in the rooftop), listen to Zhang Shu's experience, feel deep, finishing today to share with you about.

Zhang Shu lived in Guangzhou for more than 30 years, his children have also married, the old couple usually do not have much, in the year before, in the vegetable market rented a booth to buy food, and then contact the source, but also specifically to the professional place to sell Bought a said, and then opened, opened the first day of the management office to Zhang Shu a notice, asked Zhang to the management office to buy, Zhang Shu was wondering, I do not have it, how do you need to go to the management office to buy What? With a lot of doubts to the management office, to the management office to know that the original here is called "9 two", we understand what it means? That is, just above the pound, in fact, only 9 two, Zhang Shu was honest, then just like the management of the theory, when the management office sent him four words "at your peril", Zhang Shuping mainly sell some leaves , The price and other booths almost, and will not be deducted, lack of short two, according to common sense in terms of business is good,

On the contrary, the first day, a person came to buy food, bought two more dishes to Zhang Shu Zhang a hundred pieces, due to the preparation is not sufficient, no money to find zero, Zhang Shu looking for next to the file for the change Change, next to the dishes that no (fool only believe), the results of Zhang Shu went to the outside of the store to buy a bottle of water was changed, and after a few days, a guest came to buy food, next to the dishes of the people take advantage of Zhang Shu Do not pay attention to the sewage has been poured into the guests have been installed on top of the dishes, and then told guests that Zhang Shu dishes are to take the sewage to wash, the guests took a look at the dishes to see just pour the food above the sewage, Return!

Do a month, lost more than a thousand pieces, not including the morning and evening hard fee, Zhang Shu was very frustrated, in this month inside, Zhang aunt did not know how many times to persuade Zhang Shu, with nine two, but, are Was rejected by Zhang Shu, Zhang Shu said that this is not just the problem, it is the conscience of the problem, the final Zhang Shu abandoned the dishes of the business, this is the cost of integrity! Is it now the world has changed, not honest in power, the integrity of the exclusion of no living space? Do you insist on the bottom line of your life?

This is what I realized from Zhang Shu, just like my current situation, I adhere to their own principles, but the reality is cruel, he will not because of your insistence, your integrity and favor you, on the contrary, those Do not adhere to the bottom line of the mix is very good, I do Solar Power System, take their own line, adhere to the quality first, the price second, but the current market is chaotic, a variety of products filled with the market, no Point of the principle, there is a bold how many people have the feeling of how to take the Poly Solar Panels in terms of our production costs are more than 100, plus labor and company costs, selling more than 115, less than 10% , But the market there are many prices are 95,90, and even 30 dollars, why so low? This is 9 two, we 100W of the actual power of the Solar Energy Battery in the 101-105W, and those who have 80W, there are 75W, there are 30W, there are some can not be used, and there. The Such a thing, the price is cheap, really very depressed, each time the guests to my company, I have to spend nearly 20 minutes to explain with the guests, because each guest will ask such a question, explain, Guests do not necessarily believe you, extremely depressed!Would you like to say that we can use it? Of course, this is too simple for us, but we have always insisted on our bottom line, this is a person's integrity, a local image, a national spirit and a country's image, on the one hand we do not want foreign guests that "MADE-IN-CHINA" is a bargain, we want to "MADE-IN-CHINA" argument, on the other hand we love the solar industry, we will have a lifetime of energy to run this business, Do not want to ruin their own future because of the interests of the moment, so life does not have any meaning!

Watching the company started with their own in a short time accumulated a wealth of money, we are very envious, we also want to grow their own companies, but also want to give employees good benefits, but also want to live on a big house, But we have to believe that making money is the process, not the result, the enjoyment of the process than the more money to make more money more meaningful, we also hope that our insistence can give Leaving the industry to leave a green space, although now insist on the high cost of honesty, can not get more orders, but with the market mature, customer thinking progress, one day the industry will be shuffled, those who have no bottom line, Not honest sooner or later will be eliminated, Venus has been rising in the East, dawn is not long ago, I believe, I BELIVE!






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